INFANT MASSAGE: The Healing Power of Touch

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Touch is the first sensation we feel when we come into the world. A soothing touch has been shown to relax a baby, help him/her gain weight, and reduce stress hormones brought on by the birth process.

Skin is the most important sensory organ for a baby, especially right after birth. A nurturing, positive touch can do so much for a baby ́s development.

Benefits of Infant Massage for parents:

  • Promotes better understanding of infant cues
  • Enhances communication and emotional ties
  • Increases confidence and handling skills
  • Provides quality one-on-one interaction
  • Gives fathers a special way to connect and bond

Benefits of Infant Massage for babies:

  • Enhances bonding and attachment
  • Helps baby relax and release tension
  • Decreases irritability and excess crying · Reduces gas and colic
  • Promotes sleep